Wedding Design Ideas For Your Wedding

by | Jul 2, 2020

Wedding Design Ideas For Your Wedding

by | Jul 2, 2020

Deciding wedding décor is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. With fast-moving wedding décor trends & design ideas, it can be difficult to decide whether to follow the décor trend or recreating a design for your own wedding!

There are many factors that go into planning the wedding décor, aspects like budget, venue constraints, wedding logistics, etc, mainly influence the tonality of wedding décoration. Although, a well-planned wedding design can accommodate all the creativity and ideas of your wedding, whilst considering and managing any roadblocks whatsoever. However exciting and fun, planning a wedding décor often gets intimidating and confusing for one to begin with.

So, here is a list of ideas and notes to guide you through how to begin planning your wedding décor and design.


1. Let Art Inspire You

Confused with where and how, to begin with planning your wedding décor? No fret, take a moment, and gain inspiration from Art and Architecture! Could be that jharokha pattern from a miniature painting, the choice of the color palette from that palatial room or could be the look of flowers from a beautiful street you walked down during a particular holiday. Look around, and observe what you like! This is just to get you started with envisioning your wedding day look & conceptualizing your wedding design ideas!

2. Let the Wedding Invitations begin the story telling!

We believe weddings are a wonderful way to tell the couple’s story. Wedding Invitations are the very first impression of the wedding day. It is rather a unique idea to begin the story telling with the wedding invitation design and continuing aspects of it through other wedding stationery and also the wedding day décor. By aspects we mean, it could be anything from the color palette to the type of design. Let it give sneak-peek into the style of your wedding days. Guests would love to notice such detailing all throughout and the story will certainly hold an everlasting impression.

3. You can never go wrong with Calligraphy

When talking about wedding invitations and first impressions, the look and feel of wedding branding is very important. You definitely want it to look and reflect the celebratory, grandeur of the wedding, while still keeping it intimate.Take the old school Calligraphy route! Handwritten calligraphy tags, notes, will give your wedding stationery and collaterals that extra touch!

4. Add that Storytelling Element to your décor

We love to include interactive elements in the wedding décor. Give your wedding a mascot(s) or a comic strip, and include it in the wedding décor, all the wedding functions!

5. Thematise your décor

A good theme to the wedding décor will enhance the entire look and feel of your wedding. It does not always have to be elaborate, but keeping wedding design ideas simply well coordinated with proper selection of flowers, fabrics, colors.

6. Re-invent with interactive pathways

Give your guests an extra impressive takeaway memory with interactive pathways. It could be a wall of quotes, messages. Recreate with sustainable ideas.
Let that entrance pathway leave the best impression!

7. Go with an Unusual Mandap

Make your wedding day décor unique with an unusual choice of mandap decoration. Conceptualise a rather unique mandap unusual elements and textures!

8. Show off your culture!

Show off your culture as an important element of the decor. Could be region specific symbolic fabric print, or even a folk dance!

9. Add that Balloony touch to your cocktail evening!

Cocktail Party Décor is always the favorite one! It needs to be fun, classy yet so much more intimate! A good balloon décor can make your party stand out!

10. Let that backdrop do the talking!

Let the couple seating backdrop or the bridal backdrop give away the best impression of the function!
If ever confused, go with an unusual choice of florals or rely on geometry!
Thematise every small pre-wedding function too.

11. Light up your evenings with Candles

Give your night wedding functions that extra glow with candles. There are never enough candles at a wedding! Ornate centerpieces get all the attention with candles placed directly underneath.

12. Let the dance floor be the centerpiece of the party!

At your Wedding Sangeet or Pre-Wedding Cocktail Party, give the dancefloor that extra bold look!

13. Re-think the Photo-Booth!

Photo-booths are such a fun part of the décor! Something that everyone is looking forward to exploring & taking photos there. So let’s give that photo-booth an extra thought, and make more than just a beautiful backdrop!

14. Pick local artisanal crafts

Sustainable weddings are the need of the hour. Wedding décor and wedding design ideas are nothing less than creating an artwork of your own. It is imperative and rather unique to support local artisanal crafts like replacing vases with terracotta pots, encouraging and inclusion of regional folk art in different applications.
In fact, local artisanal crafts can make for a beautiful giveaway!

15. Characterize your wedding decor with the right choice of furniture

Wedding furniture plays such an important role in giving that final look to get the theme of your wedding décor. Pick the right chair! Give them creative backs.
Suit the wedding decor theme with different types of furniture required, while they will not only amuse your guests but also give your wedding function the desired look and feel.

16. Go Bold!

Give your wedding décor a bold look. Choose block colors! Take gold seriously! Let your décor stand out!

17. Flowers? Never say too many

Really, there can never be too many flowers or floral arrangements.

18. Let your guests love to lounge around, literally!

18. Let your guests love to lounge around, literally!

19. Add unexpected touches for your guests to discover & take away

Creative and well-thought giveaways will always be awed! Doing sustainable, and symbolic giveaways at the wedding can really leave an impressive mark.

20. Harmonise with Old School and Modern

Confused between modern uber chic wedding design ideas and retro style wedding décor? The key is to strike a good balance between the two! A melange of ideas can really give your wedding a contemporary twist!

That brings us to the end of our list of the top 20 wedding design & decor ideas. We encourage you to get creative and come up with solutions that will make your wedding unique & memorable.