Complete Guide On Wedding Branding Your Wedding

by | Oct 15, 2020

Complete Guide On Wedding Branding Your Wedding

by | Oct 15, 2020

Branding your wedding might sound overwhelming and confusing when there is already so much on your plate to figure out your wedding plans. Well, there’s nothing to fret about! In fact, the branding of the wedding is the first step towards planning your wedding or visualizing your wedding day to describe to your wedding planner.

Wedding Branding is nothing different than the branding of a brand name or a company. Wedding Branding in simple terms is visualizing your wedding day and or functions. It is all those small desires a bride or a couple has, like the theme of the wedding, or usage of a particular color, or love for a specific flower!

Most brides, couples unknowingly begin with sketching out branding for their wedding. Well, we are here to help you get started on the aesthetics of branding your wedding. This will not only help you get a great start to planning your own wedding but also give a solid base or a certain brief and understanding for your wedding planner, so he or she has it all planned out correctly as per your expectations or even better!

Let’s get started!

Where And When?

The main deciding factor for branding a wedding is the location of your wedding venue and the weather at the time of your wedding. Whether it is a beach wedding, or an uphill valley-view wedding, or a city wedding, the location of the wedding venue is imperative to wedding branding. Location or region-centric branding can make your wedding all about the beautiful destination.

Then comes the weather during the wedding, whether it is a spring-summer wedding or an autumn-fall wedding, the colors, and feel of your wedding changes accordingly!

Pick Your Colours

Theme your wedding colors. Give it as much thought as you will give your wedding outfit because the wedding colour palette will eventually determine the wedding stationery, decor, florals, table settings, etc. Choose your colour palette in a way that complements your wedding outfits too or vice versa! Research on trending colors for the season of your wedding, get inspired by natural colors of that season, let the location influence your choice of color palette! Bring in your favourite colors, after all, branding your wedding is all about making it personal.

Set The Aesthetic

The correct aesthetic to your wedding branding sets the much-needed tone to the wedding! Determining the right aesthetic is all about whether you want a rustic wedding, a royal wedding, a contemporary feel, or a modern wedding. All you need to do is figure out the theme of the wedding, and your wedding planner will help figure out it’s best execution.

Wedding Invitation And Stationery

A well designed and well conceptualised Wedding Invitation is very important as it gives the first impression of the wedding and its celebrations. Wedding Invitations can give a peek into the tune of celebrations. Likewise, designing and conceptualising wedding stationery such as name cards, travel tags, menus, information standees, etc are the tiny details of the wedding that matter the most. Following the aesthetic and the colour palette decided can give a good start point to deciding the design of your wedding invitations and stationery. Also, choosing the right material as per the chosen aesthetic can give a feel of the wedding theme.

In this digital age, even though e-invites seem more convenient, nothing can make it more personal than a hand-held paper invitation. It is always advisable to do a few hand-held paper invitations for closest family and friends!

Let’s make your wedding experience for all your friends and family attending. Create an intimate seating layout. Pre-plan the seating layout, in a way that everyone is close to the head table.

The Font Matters!

Yes, the font matters, and it matters the most while designing your wedding invitation and stationery. As much as colours and the aesthetic sets the tone to your wedding invitation and stationery, the font can make it look classy or tacky!
The correct font can help determine a lot more, and enhance the look of all the small details of the wedding. More often than not we find not many couples focus on fonts, but again, it is always good to have a wedding design professional on board to help you figure out the most beautiful branding for your wedding!

Decor Accents

Wedding Branding is that important aspect of wedding planning and wedding design that influences every part of the wedding. When it comes to décor, branding of the wedding helps determine the theme of the wedding or the function. Every wedding function can certainly have a separate set of branding ideas, but all together unifies as a concept under the branding of the wedding. As an example, if your cocktail is themed as a retro evening, décor accents such as music records, disco colors, etc create a look for your evening,
Wedding Décor and Wedding Branding go hand in hand as décor is certainly inspired by the branding of the wedding.

Hire A Professional

While wedding branding can be a lot of fun, it is also a lengthy and extensive process. It is always advisable to hire a wedding planner to have you sketch out the perfect branding for your wedding. After all, we all want the perfect first impression and everlasting impression from attending your wedding!