Easy & Simple Tricks To Plan Your Destination Wedding On A Budget

by | Jul 30, 2020

Easy & Simple Tricks To Plan Your Destination Wedding On A Budget

by | Jul 30, 2020

Destination Weddings are everyone’s favorite! Be it the bride & groom’s dream destination wedding to family and friends’ reason to enjoy the wedding along with the joy of exploring a new location, and looking forward to spending time with close friends and relatives. A whole lot of preparation and coordination goes into planning a destination wedding. Although, with the looks of it, destination weddings can also be a budget wedding! An intimate destination experience wedding may cost you less than a city wedding.


 Here are our 5 tips to keep in mind while planning a destination wedding on a budget.

1. Prioritise & Categorise the Budget


While planning a destination wedding on a budget, it is imperative to always prioritise, the budget, and also categorize elements as per importance. Know how much you are willing to spend and where. Every destination wedding has a feel and flavor to it. Give it all your thoughts and decide what’s most important for you and your guests to experience since creating memories for a lifetime is the goal.


2. Making of the Wedding


Where—and when—you plan to have the big day can impact costs in a big way. Plan your wedding well in advance. Enjoy the entire wedding planning process. Be the early bird and get the deal that suits you!
Pick for an ‘’off season’’ wedding date.


3. Location


Understandably, the location of the wedding matters the most when planning a destination wedding. The cost of the location will certainly determine whether it fits in your overall wedding budget. The very first instinct would be to pick a nearby destination, perhaps at a drivable distance too. It keeps the traveling cost minimal and in check. At the same time, we encourage couples to choose unique wedding venues! It could be that beautiful villa atop a hill or the dream venue by the beach! You can make a wedding a quirky kitsch affair, or a classic affair and for that, the destination venue would matter the most! With the right venue of choice, rest assured more than half of the wedding planning is completed.


3. Wedding Décor


Keep it simple! Go local! Pick sustainable choices for wedding decor. The whole point of doing a destination wedding on a budget is to keep it an intimate affair with closest family and friends. We want to favor the feel of the location, and make it a part of your wedding décor! Pick local artisanal crafts as a part of the décor, make sustainable décor choices! Give yourself the freedom to explore the venue and let the simplicity of décor convert it into an experience for you and your guests! Wedding design and décor is definitely the next big cost in the making of the wedding. The choice of vendors and type of décor matters the most when planning a budget destination wedding. We’d say – go local! Choose to hire local vendors, or encourage your planner to hire local vendors.


4. Guestlist


Keep a short guestlist with immediate family and closest of friends. Request RSVPs from guests, this way, you will be sure of the number of guests attending the wedding! When you’re trying to follow cost-saving tips for destination weddings, including everyone on the guest list is a gamble. Should everyone you’ve invited decide to attend, that can inflate your spending. If you’re concerned that the wedding may end up being oversized, it’s better to plan for a smaller wedding from the beginning. If you’ve got a smaller guest list, some cost-saving tips for destination weddings include renting a large vacation home instead of booking hotel rooms for each of your guests.


5. Hire a Wedding Planner


Against the false impression that a wedding planner needs to be hired only for big fat weddings, hiring and seeking the expertise of a wedding planner is imperative, no matter the budget of the wedding.
With a wedding planner’s expertise, they consult on the right and unique choices for a destination wedding on a budget. Take care of all the ancillary coordination. In fact, having a destination wedding planner In India for a budget wedding can make things easy, as everything will be taken care of! All you need to do is communicate well about the wedding!

As you plan your dream destination wedding, set your expectations early, and remember to be flexible.

Happy Wedding!!