Tips & Tricks For Planning A Small Intimate Wedding

by | Jul 20, 2020

Tips & Tricks For Planning A Small Intimate Wedding

by | Jul 20, 2020

One of the best elements of planning a wedding is that you can design the day of your dreams. Small and intimate wedding ideas can be engaging and immensely sumptuous looking too. There are numerous perks to having a small intimate wedding. Not just having a fewer number of inmates but also cuts down on wedding costs, but it also enables you and your guests to have more intimate social communications. Having an intimate wedding gives you the capability to get creative with themes and seating charts, allowing you to devise a more personal touch that shows your love.

If you are looking to plan a small intimate wedding, Here are a few tips and tricks for your Intimate wedding ideas.

Non-Traditional Wedding Venues

Small and Intimate Weddings give us a chance and liberty to explore non-traditional venues. Unconventional venues add a surprise, nouveau factor to the wedding. You can be a lot more creative and less restricted with a smaller guest count. So let’s think outside the box! How about getting married on a yacht, or something as personal as getting married at your dream vacation home or at that boutique café!

Non-traditional locations mean that you don’t even have to pick a location that feels like a conventional ‘wedding spot’ – have you met in a trendy coffee shop, do you have a frequented vacation spot? Throw your wedding into your choice of venue, where you met or simply, let the venue tell your story! With a smaller guest count,

Home Wedding / Backyard Wedding

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all into exploring creative ways of hosting a small wedding whilst following all the restrictions and safety precautions. Celebrations are quite underrated when it comes to planning a Home Wedding. Well, it doesn’t have to be so! Home Weddings offer warmth and comfort to your house. They give you the luxury of recreating your own space. Make use of that garage or the backyard, or that beautiful rooftop!
Go Floral! Take out that vintage crockery set saved for the most important occasions. Serve sit-down extensive meals. While home weddings can equally be creative and fun; they can also be your most ideal budget wedding!

Choose A Destination Wedding

Thinking outside the box: we’d say pick an unconventional venue at a destination you love to host your wedding! It could be that boutique hotel at a hill station nearby, or even that vacation villa to rent with the most spectacular view. Hosting a small intimate wedding with a guest list of 50 people gives you the utmost liberty to get creative with your wedding planning. Even though Indian Weddings are typically bigger than just 50 persons, the countrywide wedding restriction limited to 50 persons, can be a dream come true for couples who have always wanted a small destination wedding. Rather, this everyone’s chance to think outside the box.

Splurge On Your Priorities

The big advantage of having a small wedding is you get to spend more money per head on your guests. Write down, as a couple, a list of what your priority items are: having wedding planner, Michelin star food, beautiful flowers on every surface, an open bar, splashing live music, hiring a unique venue you never thought you could afford before, or going all out on your styling. Prioritize two or three aspects of the wedding and then make those the stars of the show when it comes to the look of your wedding decor and design. Most importantly, use any extra money in your budget to enhance the details that matter most to you, creating an immersive experience you and your guests will treasure.

Embrace Your Culture

Bring together your modern ideas and embrace your culture and family traditions, and your wedding a very contemporary experience. Host a traditional lunch, include traditional motifs into your décor. Culture and Traditions will never go out of style.

Creative Seating Layouts

Planning an intimate wedding has its own charm. Other than it being a budget wedding, it gives you the opportunity to get creative with every little detail, that you would typically not pay much attention to.

Let’s make your wedding experience for all your friends and family attending. Create an intimate seating layout. Pre-plan the seating layout, in a way that everyone is close to the head table.

Hyper-personalise Your Wedding

Personalize it all! When you have a small guest list, the micro details matter. Leave a handwritten note for each guest on their place setting, sharing your most treasured memory with them. Hire a calligrapher or illustrator to handwrite each order of service, menu, and place setting with your guest’s name and a sketch of the guest. Go wild with place cards.

Wedding favors, experience, and even send-offs are all equal opportunities for wedding branding and personalization. If you do want to plan other wedding elements, make it even more about your couple story.

A small wedding is not only budget-friendly, but it also gives you the freedom to make this special with the perfect image of you and your partner. In the end, marriage is about celebrating the love between you and your partner with the people you care about you the most.

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