10 Wedding Colour Scheme Ideas For Your Wedding

by | Nov 3, 2020

10 Wedding Colour Scheme Ideas For Your Wedding

by | Nov 3, 2020

Your wedding colour scheme is going to be a number of the foremost defining features of your big day. While they’re not as noticeable as, say, your attire or your first dance, your wedding colour palette subtly balances all the details, from the flowers to the statement pieces and the table décor, into an entirety cohesive theme. Planning a perfect wedding colour scheme will make it look the same as you imagined about your wedding. When inmates leave at night, a consistent colour palette is one detail that they won’t forget.

When picking your wedding colour scheme, it’s important to feel empowered to pick shades you prefer, not what you think you should choose based on season or style. Some of the most memorable weddings are those that dare traditional rules in admiration of personalization wedding colours and wedding decorations. We have chosen the best wedding colour scheme ideas that will work for every season. Once you decide on your wedding colours, the rest of the wedding planning will fall into place.

1. Bold Red

Go Bold with Deep Reds. Red is often a colour that is used wrongly or underestimated its usage in the overall colour scheme of the wedding.

Wedding Colour Theme

2. Sun Bright

Make a fresh, warm, and welcoming statement with yellows and whites. Make your décor lighten up the mood and brighten up your day!

Wedding Colour Scheme

3. Deep Green and Gold

Reel out Royal feels with a rich Deep Emerald with the touch of Gold.

Green & Gold Wedding Colour Scheme

4. Blueberry Accents

Blues can be the most under-utilised colour when it comes to Wedding Décor. Make an unconventional choice of placing accents in Blueberry shade. It will not only make your décor different from the norm but also set a very sophisticated look.

blueberry - Colour Scheme

5. Colour Block

Bring-in a pop culture influence to your wedding décor. Break the monotony and make your décor stand out by using pop-culture colour blocks.

Colour Block

6. Multi-Colour Approach

Indian weddings are all about rich bright colours. Make that sun-down Mehendi or a sun-down cocktail fun-filled with bright colours.

Wedding Design Ideas For Your Wedding

7. Neon Feels

Give the after-party a neon touch with fluorescence and neon signs.

Wedding Colour Scheme

8. Pastel Shades

Subtle pastel tones can give your décor just the right look.

Pastel Wedding Colour Scheme

9. Earthy Tones

Warm Earthy Tones like rust orange, bark browns, and natural greens.

Colour scheme ideas

10. Shimmering Silver

Metallic can be an elegant accent color when used in conjunction with a soft color or cream/ivory tones. If you’ve been considering a metallic theme wedding, get inspired by this shimmering silver.

Wedding Colour Scheme
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