Wedding Invitation Ideas For Every Couple

by | Jul 22, 2020

Wedding Invitation Ideas For Every Couple

by | Jul 22, 2020

Invitations set the stage for a wedding. And if you’re open to surprising your guests with a more personal than conventional invitation package, consider using fun designs, mixed materials, and hand-painted artwork to create the vibe you like. Wedding Invitations can help give guests a sneak peek into your wedding vibe while getting them excited for the big day! Get your creative juices flowing with unique wedding invitation ideas! You can play up a color palette, season, destination, themed wedding, or venue, or even add wedding stationery embellishments for that personal touch.

Your options to set the tone are limitless—but before we dive in, Let’s check out the newest design trends in wedding invitations.


Sustainable and Environment-friendly weddings are getting popular for all the right reasons. When it comes to designing a wedding invitation card, the most obvious material choice is a good quality paper. Whereas the thought of utility of the paper can be overwhelming.
How about trying printing on a Plantable Paper? It is one of unique wedding invitation ideas, which not only is environmentally friendly but also the plant is grown as a result of planting the paper can be a wonderful symbolic gift of your wedding day to be treasured by the guests!


Wedding Invitations can set the stage for your wedding. There are countless creative ways of conveying your story through your wedding invitation!
You have all the bright reasons to splurge on a gift along with your wedding invitation card. We encourage you to design your wedding invitation in a way that it includes a gift. One such idea could be a passport cover style booklet which can then be used by the guests.
Or if you are planning a budget wedding, a unique wedding invitation idea would be to gift a diary with Handwritten Invitation Pages.


Weddings are all about embracing your culture, heritage, and traditions. While you might not want to opt for a traditional wedding invitation design; we’d say mix your modern along with artisanal crafts which can be of regional and or cultural significance.
One such unique idea would be packing the wedding invitation in a silk pouch or maybe picking a print of regional significance, like Ikat, Bandhini, Block Prints, etc


Want to go all out with designing your wedding invitation template? How about printing a barcode on the invitation card which opens up your wedding website or a wedding invitation video!
As we said, there are limitless options for creative ways of designing your wedding invitation!


Take personalization of wedding invitations seriously! How about getting the invitation cards handwritten! Improvising with warm traditions is the key!


Eco-friendly weddings are becoming more popular, and Paper Culture—an eco-friendly stationery company that prints cards with 100% post-consumer recycled paper—is on par with that trend. Its newest designs offer a clean and contemporary twist on traditional wedding themes such as romantic, classic, and rustic.


Not impressed with the popular style of invitation suites which includes multiple inlets. How about designing an Origami style One Pager Invitation which includes all the details!


Executing your wedding invitation idea correctly is just as important as executing your wedding décor. The most sought after material to print a wedding invitation is paper. But here we are exploring unique or different ideas of doing wedding invitations.
While a good quality paper invitation can never go out of fashion, if you want to do something different, we suggest choosing a unique material to print on! Such as faux leather, acrylic sheets, linen; or even do a laser printed invitation on wooden sheets!

If you are not sure where to start with, your wedding invitation and wedding branding then Get in touch with our team to explore unique wedding invitation ideas and wedding card options!