A Complete Guide To Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline

by | Jul 1, 2020

A Complete Guide To Wedding Planning Checklist & Timeline

by | Jul 1, 2020

Wedding Planning is a very extensive and detailed process. No matter the number of months or days before the wedding, work into planning the wedding still remains the same.
Here’s our advice as wedding planners, categorize and prioritize each planning activity, keep things organized, and more importantly, enjoy the process.
To ease out your stress, about how and where to begin the wedding planning process, we have listed down a checklist of things with an assumed wedding timeline. Once upon deciding the wedding date, go through this wedding planning checklist to ensure that you haven’t missed out on anything important.

– A Rough Draft

-Upon deciding the wedding date, make a rough draft of ideas, like:

-Destination wedding or a City Wedding?

-Number of Guests?

-Number of Events?

-The budget for the wedding?

It is rather very important to have a basic idea of the style of your wedding when prioritising on your wedding planning checklist, as it will give you a solid start. Although, if time is a constraint, or are bound by some reason to begin on the wedding planning, we suggest you get a wedding consultation!

A professional’s point of view with the entire process will give you better clarity and make it easy for you to decide!

Wedding Planning Checklist

12 to 11 months to go

Hire A Wedding Planner

After having decided on your wedding date, hire your choice of a wedding planner, for consulting and planning your wedding. A professional’s help will definitely ease a lot of stress; and you won’t have to worry about the smallest of things. More importantly, you can give yourself time too.

Wedding Checklist

11 to 10 months to go

Venue Booking & Wedding Décor

Booking the right venue of your choice, means you are halfway through to living your dream wedding. Check if your wedding da te is an auspicious day, if so, there are chances that venues can get booked already. For a destination wedding, along with your wedding planner, schedule location-wise venue visits.a touch!

Wedding Planning

10 to 8 months to go

Wedding Outfits And Trousseau Shopping

Consult wedding designers, figure out your wedding outfits according to the type and number of functions.
With bridal outfits taking a long time to be designed, brides are much forthcoming with its shopping. Bridegrooms shall also figure out at least their main outfits. Well-coordinated with your bride is the idea.
With all your shopping prioritize as per your choice of designer, budget, etc. This will make it very easy for you to decide!

Wedding Planning Checklist

6 months to go

Book Hair Make-up Artist, Choreographer, Dj, Entertainment Artists

With the wedding being just six months away, it is just enough time to have the main booking figured out.
For brides, it is important that you have your choice of hair and make up artist consulted and booked. Schedule your trial dates with them! Book your Mehendi artist and hair makeup artist for women of your family too!
For sangeet performances, and alike, book the choreographer, brief him about the theme, and other details of the function. Likewise, book the DJ, other entertainment artists too.
More importantly, for Baarat, book a good band, DJ, or any other artist as must like.

6 to 4 months to go

Wedding Invitations & Giveaways

Wedding invitations and giveaways are such important facets of a wedding. It is the very first impression that guests get of the wedding and other information. In case of a destination wedding, it is well in advance for guests to also plan their travel.brics, colors.

Wedding Branding

3 to 2 months to go

Confirm And Finalise All The Bookings & Coordinate The Same With Vendors

Confirm and finalise all the bookings with all the ancillary artists booked. Along with your wedding planner or wedding designer go through all the little details of the wedding décor and communicate any changes, if desired.

1 month to go

Last Minute Coordination

You want to be relaxed before and at your own wedding! Hence, with a detailed and organised wedding planning checklist, you can make sure that you leave time for last minute coordination and relaxations.

2 weeks to go

Time To Relax!

So close to the wedding you want to be relaxed and sure of all the bookings and coordinations. It is time for you to hit the salon and treat yourself to a good spa!

Wedding Checklist

On your wedding day, the one element you should try to keep in mind is it’s the beginning of a new life. So whatever may arrive on the day, your wedding is what matters most, and you will remember this incredible day for the rest of your life.

This wedding planning checklist will help you keep trail of everything you need to do while planning your wedding, and you might also want to pass on our wedding checklist to other brides and grooms.

Happy Wedding Planning!

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