10 Ultimate Wedding Seating Arrangements

by | Oct 15, 2020

10 Ultimate Wedding Seating Arrangements

by | Oct 15, 2020

Indian Weddings are now opting and exploring different kinds of thematic decorations. With couples being so aware of their preferences in wedding seating arrangements often restricts the mingling of guests.e, linen, props, etc. The focal point of any Indian Wedding Branding or Indian Wedding Décor certainly has to be ‘’Personalisation’’. Right from Wedding Invitations, Décoration for each function, to wedding stationery and hampers for the guests, ‘’Personalisation’’ remains the main theme.

While Indian Weddings are able to attain the right feel, but a well thought out, Seating Arrangement at the function can give the perfect look! There are many different styles of wedding seating arrangements, other than the usual theatre-style seating arrangement. Every different type of wedding function demands a different seating arrangement.

Especially with hosting an intimate wedding, exploring and choosing the right seating arrangement will not add to the décor but also give a dream-like décor look to your wedding!

Round Table Seating Arrangement

Wedding Seating In Round Table
As pretty as it looks, the round Table Seating Arrangement is ideal for an evening such as a dress down dinner, a pre-wedding dinner with closest friends and family. Keeping the affair intimate, a well planned out seating arrangement will make the wedding function even more fun!

For a round table seating arrangement, we suggest having a head table for the couple, a table for the bride and groom’s parents and grandparents and plan a mixed up seating arrangement for both sides of family and friends. This way both the families can mingle well and have loads of fun together!

Lounge Seating Arrangement

Wedding Seating Arrangements

We have often noticed lounge area seating arrangement for a cocktail party, or a sangeet, where often, there is less seating arrangement because there is a much larger space dedicated to the dance floor!

Having said that, we recommend doing lounge wedding seating arrangements for small functions such as Hi-tea and Mehendi too! These are beautiful sun-down functions often with an intimate gathering and very very colorful!

Make the lounge seating arrangements the focal point of your wedding décor by making them colorful and inviting! And, guests do mingle well!

And there is always enough space for the dance floor!

Bar Table Seating Arrangement

Bar Style Wedding Seating Arrangements
Let’s amp up your cocktail evening by planning out a seating arrangement with Bar Tables and High Chairs!

We recommend having this arrangement for a fun frolic evening, alongside, do plan out a comfortable seating for the elderly in the family.

Theatre Style Seating Arrangement

Wedding Seating Arrangements
Theatre Style Seating Arrangement is often commonly seen at Indian Weddings. This arrangement is best for seating a larger guest count and at a sangeet function where there are performances to watch.

As much as we like a theatre-style seating arrangement, for an intimate wedding, we recommend breaking from this norm and explore other styles of wedding seating arrangements. A Theatre-style wedding seating arrangement often restricts the mingling of guests.

Teepees or Cabanas or Charpoy Seating

Wedding Seating Arrangements

It is rather essential to explore and involve different cultures and styles in wedding design and decor. After all, a well conceptualised decor leaves an everlasting impression on the guests. It is the look and feel of the wedding that matters the most.
Having said that, a fun wedding seating arrangement can be very inviting for all the guests to stay around much longer. We recommend exploring the styles of Charpoy Seating at the colorful Mehendi function, couple teepees at a relaxed Hi-tea or even Cabana seating at a sundown cocktail party can add to the decor of your wedding function!

Serpentine Seating Arrangement

Wedding Seating Arrangements Serpentine
A Serpentine style Seating is arranged just as the word suggests. This style is best for a sit-down lunch or dinner. Often the décor is designed in a way that a serpentine seating arrangement is accommodated enhances the entire look of it!

We recommend exploring this style of seating for a traditional sit-down wedding or pre-wedding lunch. A combination of traditional meals with a modern twist can really make your lunch or dinner stand out!

Rectangular Table Seating Arrangement

Wedding Seating Arrangements
A Rectangular Table Style seating arrangement does make a statement. It could be an unconventional choice giving your evening a very warm vibe. The rectangular table seating arrangement is ideal if you want to seat large groups together.

Square Table Seating Arrangement

Wedding Seating In Sqaure
A Square Table Seating is just as the name suggests. The positioning of the square table should be done after carefully studying the venue well. It can either enhance or diminish the entire decor look. As pretty as it looks we recommend doing a square table seating arrangement at an intimate wedding to seat couples or small families or groups together.

Combination Style Seating Arrangement

Wedding Seating Arrangements In combination
When it comes to wedding decoration there is never an end to creative possibilities! To spice up your wedding decor look, we recommend choosing a combination of different styles of seating arrangement. Maybe do a mix of round and rectangular tables, or square tables and cabanas, etc. It is always advisable to hire a professional wedding designer and planner, who can of course suggest to you the best option to attain a dream-like decor look at your wedding!
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